Why not just cut the budget?

Alaska’s operating budget has been increasing at about 9% per year for the last decade and is expected to continue on this path. Even with tighter budget control, the budget will need to increase as population increases and to adjust for inflation just to maintain current levels of service. Increases in future obligations due to […]

Why do we always talk about the General Fund if it’s only half the money?

It’s a lot of the money! It is used to account for all financial resources except those required to be in another fund It is the state’s primary operating fund – the source of funding for basic government services.. It’s flexible. Lawmakers can make decisions about how the fund is spent. General fund revenue can […]

What is the General Fund?

The general fund is Alaska’s major source of discretionary funding—the money available to pay for government operations, basic services and capital improvements. Because the legislature has the most direct control over the general fund, it provides the most flexibility for spending on evolving state priorities, including saving. All other funds are designated or restricted, meaning […]